wtorek, 16 października 2018

Shadowbox - 3-D tutorial

Hello, friends!
Today I'd like to show you the tutorial on shadowbox frame.
You get several individual parts.

If you have some unnecessary elements, you should take them out. I usually do this with the help of my  knife.

Then you start to glue in the sides of the shadowbox.

Four sides are glued in.

Now, it's the time for decorations.
Again put some glue. Not much, of course.

Stick the decoration and the base together.

Add some glue to the sides.

And stick the decoration to the sides.

This is how it looks .

When your shadowbox is ready, you can decorate it using paints, texture pastes and other materials.

You can find this chipboard shadowbox if you click on the picture)


See you,

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